Electronic Ventures GameChanger provides strategy & development for policy level leaders. By creating “next practices”, clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes.
CONTACT JUNE KLEIN June Klein Corporate Headshot
– CEO Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc
– Electronic-BoardroomTMVi(r) Solution Implementor
– Tech Advisor to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
– Boardmember, Investor, Advisor Paythru Ltd.
– Sequoia Security FinTech Due Diligence & Cybersecurity Boardroom Sweeps
– US&UK information integrator + enterprise developer
– 5th Estate Megatrend Guru
– Founding Leadership Award Ambassadors for Philanthropy

Entrepreneurship grounded by Fortune 50 exec positions at: IBM, Wang, JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Federal Reserve; and MBA finance/marketing, BS math/education, Graduate Technology degrees, boardmember training certficates. Oxford Internet Institute 5th Estate Movements Partner/Sponsor, Video Voices in Oxford Contributor, British Airways 2011 Face of Opportunity Winner and Guest Marketing Discussion Chair, 2011 International Commerce Consultant …