Q1.  Will I see instant results? 

A1. I hope you will have an “aha” moment, a dopamine hit where you say, “I never thought of it like that, but I do not know how to make that happen.”

Providing clarity in the AI uncertain era, future-proofing your livelihood, and maintaining your business competitive advantage is what I can do with you. 

Q2. What sets this course apart from others in these rapidly holistically changing unprecedented times? 

A2. This AI era requires someone with a breadth and depth of knowledge to help you survive and evolve. 

For over 30 years, my superpower has been integrating technology, marketing, ventures, with business goals and uncovering unique value solutions at the intersection. 

 – I mastered my algorithm for work-live-family-learn, way before it was a thing. I launched my process at Oxford University’s Social Values program and at NYU’s Alumni Annual Career Symposium.

I was the Intrapreneur at global financial services and technology firms. As a decision intelligence expert, I want to share my method with you to empower your success movements.

     Q3. I have a busy schedule; will I have enough time for this? 

The paid webinar is 60-75 minutes and there will be a few days and times to accommodate different time zones.

June will do a free 60-minute discovery call for the first 50 client sign-ups. Calls can be scheduled for your convenience. 

Q4. How is the material delivered? 

It is an “As-If-Live” webinar with pre-recorded video to avoid tech issues and simulated interactions held on multiple dates to accommodate different time zones.

We maintain audience engagement via private chats which goes directly to June’s email with slight delay and simulated Q&A for frequently asked questions.

Q5. +How do I reach you if I have questions? 

e: jklein@tmv.com

RE: Webinar  (with your name,email,phone)    

m: 917 or text: 917-601-2444  L: 203-227-4911

About tmvinc

CEO Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. -venture development and management consultancy. strategic decision-maker and Problem-solver for complex issues. Past-proven and future-adaptable TMVinc(tm) Algorithmic Method to manage change, complexity, and risk in uncertain AI times. Outcomes: prepare and evolve your role for continuous livelihood and adaptability skills to maintain business competitive advantage.
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