Q1.  Will I see instant results? 

A1. I hope you will have an “aha” moment, a dopamine hit where you say, “I never thought of it like that, but I do not know how to make that happen.”

Providing clarity in the AI uncertain era, future-proofing your livelihood, and maintaining your business competitive advantage is what I can do with you. 

Q2. What sets this course apart from others in these rapidly holistically changing unprecedented times? 

A2. This AI era requires someone with a breadth and depth of knowledge to help you survive and evolve. 

For over 30 years, my superpower has been integrating technology, marketing, ventures, with business goals and uncovering unique value solutions at the intersection. 

 – I mastered my algorithm for work-live-family-learn, way before it was a thing. I launched my process at Oxford University’s Social Values program and at NYU’s Alumni Annual Career Symposium.

I was the Intrapreneur at global financial services and technology firms. As a decision intelligence expert, I want to share my method with you to empower your success movements.

     Q3. I have a busy schedule; will I have enough time for this? 

The webinar is free, 60minutes long and watchable on-demand in all time zones.

After you watch the FREE Evernar, email jklein@tmv.com RE: call20 with a few days-ET times for one FREE 20-minute discovery call (limited # available.) Calls can be scheduled for your convenience. If you want an OPTIONAL 60min customized deeper-dive call, use the PayPal (credit card) button for $500 (USD) and I will try to accommodate ET days and times you prefer.

Q4. How is the material delivered? 

It is an “As-If-Live” webinar for your convenience with pre-recorded video to avoid tech issues and with simulated Q&A interactions.

Q5. +How do I reach you if I have questions? 

e: jklein@tmv.com

RE: Webinar  (with your name,email,phone)    

m: 917 or text: 917-601-2444  L: 203-227-4911

Electronic Ventures GameChanger provides strategy & development for policy level leaders. By creating “next practices”, clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes.
CONTACT JUNE KLEIN June Klein Corporate Headshot
– CEO Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc
– Electronic-BoardroomTMVi(r) Solution Implementor
– Tech Advisor to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
– Boardmember, Investor, Advisor Paythru Ltd.
– Sequoia Security FinTech Due Diligence & Cybersecurity Boardroom Sweeps
– US&UK information integrator + enterprise developer
– 5th Estate Megatrend Guru
– Founding Leadership Award Ambassadors for Philanthropy

June Klein presenting at Oxford Internet Symposium Entrepreneurship grounded by Fortune 50 exec positions at: IBM, Wang, JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Federal Reserve; and MBA finance/marketing, BS math/education, Graduate Technology degrees, boardmember training certficates.

Oxford Internet Institute 5th Estate Movements Partner/Sponsor, Video Voices in Oxford Contributor, British Airways 2011 Face of Opportunity Winner and Guest Marketing Discussion Chair, 2011 International Commerce Consultant Award and Reagan Entrepreneur Award. Her paper was in the top 10 of worldwide downloads and academic publications of the Social Science Research Network.

TMVi Tax Benefit Exchange(tm) needs to directly reach House Ways & Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee or Obama to reinstate a tax tweak that proved to create jobs and jumpstart the economy without increasing the deficit. My proposal is reinvented to help small businesses that create at least 70% of new jobs.

TMVi helps our clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes by global venture development. It is about.me helping “about.YOU” become bigger, bolder, better in “about.movements” that improve the ways things work. This is an unprecedented opportunity for networked “about.us” to drive change and accountability.
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