Safety Suspense Story

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– Tech Travel Wearable Collection for new Intel Chip VPN security application and Mark Burnett Product Development TV Reality Show. … backup link if can’t view video below. Click on arrow to watch video

– Executive Women Travel Heels for TSA Precheck Global Entry… … backup link if can’t view video below
Beyond a Jimmy Choo fashion problem, it is really an engineering problem. GeekanatorJune(TM) has spoken to a Silicon Valley multidisciplinary team in-process of reinventing the high heel and EmpowernatorJune reselling it as part of TMV’s executive tech travel collection. The collaborative geeks include: an astronaut engineer, a wearable technology whiz, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the reconstruction of feet and ankles, and a materials doctorate expert at the forefront of the wearable device movement. Also a recruiter for Elon Musk’s SpaceX which is building rockets in LA and Oculus VR which is a facebook acquisition making a virtual reality visor. Note: wearing stilettos doing tours across a 550,000-square-foot rocket factory floor screams for reengineering high heels.

– How To Create Any Movement in 5 steps explained in 1 minute.
Process is the same as illustrated in June’s top 10 research paper, “Wikileaks, Arab Uprisings, English Riots and Occupy Wall Street- Implications for Internet Policy and Practice from a Business and Industry Outcome Perspective”. This video shows leadership, diversity, education, charity and philanthropy… and EmpowernatorJune karaoke and dancing.

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