“Business & Internet Outcomes of 5th Estate Movements: Wikileaks, Occupy Wall Street, English Riots, Arab Uprisings” Author: June Klein
Social Science Research Network
/ worldwide, peer-reviewed, academic research networks, e-journals, print volumes. Tomorrow’s research today… As of 4/13/12, this working paper continues to be within the all time daily top 10 downloaded working papers out of 50 million downloads across 375,000 editors; in each of 400 journals that published it and academic networks with 100,000s of subscribers downloading the outcome analysis.
Paper was presented at Oxford Internet Institute Symposium on 9/26/11 in Oxford, UK.
Partial list of networks and journals that acknowledged Top 10 position and published above include:
– Business History e-journal,
– Change Management & Organizational Behavior eJournal,
– Conflict & Dispute Resolution eJournal,
– Consequences of Leadership eJournal,
– Corporate Governance Networks:
ALL TIME HIT of ALL SSRN papers (1997-2012) MEDIA COVERAGE of Corporate Governance
Actors & Players ejournal, CEOs topic,
Economic Consequences, History, Development, & Methodology eJournal 8 topics,
Social Responsibility & Social Impact eJournal;
– Economics of Networks eJournal (Networks,Electronic Commerce,Telecom Institute NYU-Stern)
– Economics Research Networks: Behavior of Economic Agents (SubTopic),
Search, Learning & Information Costs, (Topic), Social Aspects & Impact (Topic);
– Emerging Markets Economics: Environmental & Social Aspects eJournal,
– Entrepreneurship & Management eJournal,
– Entrepreneurship Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal,
– Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network; All Subject Matter ejournals
– Global Business Issues eJournal,
– Humanities Network,
– Information Communications & Society Journal,
– Information Systems Networks: Behavioral & Social Methods eJournal;
eBusiness Network, Subject Matter all eJournals
– International Environment of Global Business eJournals,
– INTL Subject Matter multiple eJournals,
– International Journal Network: Technological Issues (Topics) – #1 download 5 days,
– Law Networks: consumer law ejournal, cyberspace law ejournal, Information Privacy law ejournal;
– ManagementRN International Business & Management Network,
– ManagementRN Leadership Research Network,
– Management Research Networks: Negotiations & Dispute Resolution Network, multiple subtopic journals;
– National Bureau Economic Research,
– Negotiations Research Network Subject Matter eJournals,
– NonProfit: Public Policy (Topic),
– Nonprofit Organizations eJournal,
– Organizational: External Change (Topic),
– Organizations & Markets eJournals,
– Philosophy Research Network, Subject Matter e-journals;
– Rhetoric & Communication Research Network, Subject Matter eJournals,
– Social Entrepreneurship eJournal and Writing Technologies eJournal,
– Social & Political Philosophy eJournal

Additional evidence of widespread distribution of these interesting points is also on WEBCAST of June Klein’s Panel at Oxford Internet Institute Symposium
and TMV’s 5th Estate Website sections

The 5th Estate‚Äôs Internet Business Challenge: US Tax Law Uncertainty Undermines Amazon’s & Expedia’s Accountability & Social Responsibility – Emerging Issues in Online Retailer and Online Hotel Regulation

TOP 10 Papers for Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility & Management Practice eJournal
February 14, 2012 to April 14, 2012
TOP 10 Papers for Journal of Sustainability Research & Policy Network: Other Corporate Social Responsibility & Management Practice (Topic)
February 14, 2012 to April 14, 2012

Fifth Estate Distributed Public Expertise (DPE) Model: How to Jumpstart the American Economy and Create American Jobs

“Software Productivity as a Strategic Variable” Authors: June R. Klein, IBM Systems Research Institute and Gus Grammas, Columbia University, Graduate Business School Management Head
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
Interfaces Vol. 15, No. 3, Productivity (May – Jun., 1985), pp. 116-126 Published by: INFORMS
BOOK: “EVOLUTION OF TRADING: How Technology & Governance are Changing Finance in the 21st Century”
June Klein, corporate boardroom consultant, presents her methodology for managing change, complexity and risk for the present and future. Her Co-author, former Wall Street journalist, presents historical interviews of Wall Street leaders.
Book Reviews
hard cover and full book info
ebook purchase and search the book Available at Oxford University UK libraries: Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford SAID Business School.

Ready, Aim, Captivate Book
Put Magic in your Message and a Fortune in your Future

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