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Whiteboard, animated video of my giving vision, not seen as part of contest essay.

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Below is the cover and essay submitted for the GivingTuesday Contest

#OpenGates via Women STEM Empowerment, Leadership Education Tools &
Diversity Superhero Movements.

I am further inspired by a broader view on how pieces and thoughts fit together to form frameworks & strategies that work. In order for the outcomes of leveraging technology to solve real world problems, solutions must be adaptable and scalable globally. is my choice because it is for free, for everyone, forever. Khan has proven “You Can Learn Anything.” Khan’s current challenge is to figure out a better way to teach his adult leadership team how to motivate, delegate, set goals, monitor performance & hold people accountable.

I plan to use Khan’s processes in conjunction with my interactive leadership video solutions to make adult leadership training quicker, better and fun. The solution is adaptable as a programmatic addition to (the computer science education 10 year plan for every student in NYC public schools). It would also be valuable in training and mentoring the winners of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.


I have included this whiteboard animation link because it is a fun, collaborative evening repeatable as a fundraiser for any charity. It shows the 5 steps to create any Movement plus a community message: take your work and donations seriously, but not yourself.

The video shares a common theme with my Khan Academy choice as well as my past charitable contributions.
– For 4 years, I co-sponsored with HECFE (Higher Education Council for England), the 5th Estate Communications Megatrend Research. The Oxford Internet Institute Director and myself collaborated & blended the academic and business perspectives.
– I sponsored the 128th annual alumni dinner of the City College of NY honoring Barbara Walters, my mother – the 1rst woman graduate in accounting & education, and her two sisters who also graduated from CUNY.
– I was a founding, early adopter of the Digital Giving Media publication from Ambassadors for Philanthropy.
– As a Board member for Volunteers of America in NYC, I chaired the real estate property committee and implemented digital safety solutions for the homeless.

“Females are underrepresented because there is a stereotype that girls shouldn’t do that” and thus won’t get jobs, can’t lead nor become superheroes.
As a woman FinTech pioneer who has worked at IBM, Federal Reserve Bank, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, JPMorganChase & on public company boards… it is a good thing I didn’t know I was not supposed to do STEM. Thus, I was prepared for the technological innovations that everyone continues to experience each day and the problem solving skills to solve challenges.
EmpowernatorJune wants to empower everyone so they can become their own force. May The Tech Be With YOU!

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